Monday, March 01, 2004

I revealed to some friends at the weekend that I wrote a blog. One found it very amusing and suggested that blogs are inherently boring and narcissitic. He is probably right. His theory is that people don't know what is interesting in their lives and therefore share the boring bits. Again, he is probably right.

I found a list of Finnish blogs written in English. I started looking through them briefly and have so far come to the following conclusions. If you hold the prejudice that blogs are something done by geeks, this list will probably confirm your suspicions. The ones that don't seem to talk about operating systems or programme languages, seem to talk about comics, computer games or role-playing. The few that aren't for programmer geeks or comic geeks, seem to be naval gazing of the highest order. Real 'woe is me', 'my life is so hard' crap. Go and live in Haiti or Zimbabwe then tell me how hard life is here. A number mention the medication the writer is on. This guy is so miserable he's given up all together (on the blog that is, not on life - at least I hope not). This one has an entry with classic racist opening gambit of "I'm not racist but..." and then goes into a rather vitriolic rant along the (illogical) lines of "the guy who mugged me is black, therefore black people are muggers" and finishes up by seeming to suggest a pogrom. Ho hum, moving on swiftly...

Therefore, I promise to try and avoid the whiney self-indulgence of too many blogs. I can also promise with much certainty that there will be no mention of either comics or programming languages in this blog.