Sunday, October 21, 2012

For sale: Marmot Genesis Jacket

For sale: Marmot Genesis Jacket

 Size Medium. Weight 693 grams.

Marmot calls this an "M3" softshell - which is the most protective class. It has some kind of breathable, waterproof membrane. I've found that in use it is fully waterproof, it has taped seams and water beads up on the outer material too. It's not as breathable as non-membrane softshell, but for mountain climbs I've not taken, or wanted, a separate shell jacket. Great for ice climbing - warm, windproof and breathable when it's really cold; waterproof on warmer drippy days. Hood goes over a climbing helmet fine. There's a good review of the jacket by a hardcore alpinist on the Alpine Exposure blog.

It's a really nice winter-weight "softshell" that for me basically replaced using a Goretex shell or needing to think about the weather forecast before choosing a non-waterproof softshell. I think it looks quite cool as well although that might just be me, but it makes a good everyday jacket for winter Helsinki when it could be raining as easily as being -10! 

I would hang onto this one except I got a similar jacket to review last winter, so the Genesis hasn't been used so much (very good condition) and the cupboard are getting a bit too full!