Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Bike maintenance:

My mountain bike is various bits around the house and even spreading out into the garden. The chain broke last week on the way home from work, which was the last straw after having been having problems with a loosening crank over the previous week. The bike has been in storage for the last few years, but was brought to Finland where a few weeks of riding around 50 miles per week in temperatures ranging from -15 oC to 'extensive-slushyness' has rapidly shown up all the mechanical weaknesses. The bottom bracket is definitely dying so I thought I would change that. Unfortunately it must be a decade since I last did it so can't remember how and, secondly, I don't have the right tools so am having to improvise. Hence bike in bits and me using the train each day. I'm tempted just to take it to a bike shop and say "fix it", but spending all day in an office and doing absolutely nothing practical whatsoever makes me incredibly pig-headed about letting what is really a very minor mechanical job get the better of me.