Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rock Empire Apache Kid's full body harness

For sale: One Rock Empire Apache kids harness. The recommended sizing is for kids up to 40 kgs and between 100 cms and 140 cms. Our two kids have both used it from the age of about 3 up to 8 where they both started using sit harnesses.

The buckles on the Apache are the reassuring thread-back 'old style', not the more modern ziplock type. It's a bit fiddly if you are swapping it between kids of a different size, but once done up it is snug and the buckles don't loosen at all and hence feels very secure. My kids both found it perfectly comfortable and enjoyed swinging around in it!

This harness is about six years old but was used only on occasions when the kids fancied climbing and was always stored carefully, out of any sunlight etc. Obviously, being for youngish kids, it was only ever used for gentle top roping; so never had to hold hard falls or got wear from belaying etc. So it has had a much easier life than an adults harness! It is obviously used, but still in a good condition and there is loads of life left in it for another aspiring little climber.

The pics that follow show it in use and roughly taken all about a year apart, hence showing it going from fitting a 3 year old to a 8 year old.