Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Thomas the Tank Engine track, trains and play sets

Thomas the Tank Engine track and play sets. There are a number of different sets mixed together here so not every piece can be used to make one big tracks with all the loops closed but lots of fun can be had seeing how big and complex a track you can make with the pieces that are there! A few pieces like the tunnel are a bit battered and show how much my kids played with the track (and loved playing with it) but they are still safe and usable.

The engines originally all worked by batteries but now some of them need to be pushed along by a little engine driver! The motor in Spencer definitely works, but I couldn't get Percy and Thomas to work with a new battery although they are very simple electronics so if enjoy fiddling, you might be able to the motors). The status of James's and Henry's engines is unknown as I don't have the right size spare batteries to test them!