Monday, June 30, 2014

Patagonia H2No winter pants with braces

Patagonia H2NO winter pants with braces. Size "30 Regular", which I guess is equivalent to "small" in the S/M/L/XL system. These are made with Patagonia's own H2No (waterproof/breathable), have braces, reinforced instep (crampon/ski edge protection) and full-length side zips. Tough materials and mesh liner makes them a bit heavier (881 grams) than simple over-trousers but also a bit warmer in winter. Two front pockets and one on the back. My wife bought these for ice climbing and skiing but they never fitter her very well, so they have been sitting folded up in a cupboard for the last five years. I can't find any scratches, scuffs or damage on them, so you should get some years of service out of them if they are the right size for you. Perfect thing for thrashing through Finnish metsä in February looking for new icefalls to climb!